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April 19, 2020 1 min read

At Home workout that can be done to help burn fat, build muscle and stay in shape. This routine is done by using bodyweight and bands.

We have posted several workouts per week (All other workouts are listed below), revolving around bodyweight/banded exercises. (that can also be followed with weights if you have them).


Full Body Home Workout

-jump squats with band 4x15

-horizontal lung 4x15

-forward lung 4x15

-kneeling 1 arm band curls 4x15

-kneeling 1 arm band kick backs 4x15

-seated 1 arm band rows 4x15

-push ups (hands shoulder width) 4x15

-band pull down/apart 4x15

-band rear delt flys 4x15

-hand side laterals 4x15

Supplements you may want to add into your regimen to preserve muscle, and promote muscle recovery, check out: IntraBlast by NutraBio

I also would look into products that can help boost your immune system and have your body operating at optimal levels. Check out the Immune Booster Collection. Or refer to the immune stack below.


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