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About Us

NutriFit is a nutritional and bodybuilding supplement retailer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. The store is specifically located about 40 minutes east of the city at 2573 Walter Green Commons Dr. Madison, Ohio 44057. This location is perfect because it is directly in front of the Walmart Super Center. NutriFit is the only store of its kind within 25 minutes of travel.

Background: The idea to start this company was generated by the lack of options for someone to purchase nutritional supplements in the downtown area of Cleveland, Ohio. As an avid weight lifter and "supplement junkie", I found it difficult to find the products I wanted at a decent price. My only option was an extremely overpriced company, or to purchase my products online which meant waiting up to five days to receive them. Neither option seemed appealing as I wanted to get the best deals possible and have my supplements that day. Thus, the idea came about to offer those same products at much lower prices to fulfill the needs of people like myself.

The online retail store was launched as an additional way to serve Cleveland, Ohio, and to offer my services to customers throughout the country.

***Fast forward to December 2016 and I have moved the location from downtown to Madison, Ohio. I decided I wanted to bring a business that helps others get fitness & health supplements in my hometown.

***2019 Update: We are growing rapidly as an online supplement retailer and have been serving customers all over the United States.

Company Goals:NutriFit was founded on generating the best customer satisfaction by offering the following:

  • Carrying a variety of high-quality & unique brands
  • Offering those products at competitive prices
  • Convenience of our store location and the ability to order online
  • Quick shipping/delivery options
  • The Bestcustomer service which is what we really pride ourselves on. I can be reached at almost anytime, to answer any questions.=
  • You will not find another company that will reply to texts, DMs, emails on a 24/7 basis. Follow us on social media to learn more about us, and the products/brands we carry!