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October 01, 2016 2 min read 2 Comments

With many gyms being closed do to the Corona Virus, you may be wondering how to approach your workouts. It's actually pretty simple, and fun, to find ways that you can still get good results from. I personally think you should add in at least 30 minutes of some form of cardio per day.

We will be posting 4-5 workouts per week, revolving around bodyweight exercises. (that can also be followed with weights if you have them) If you need some sort of weight but don't have dumbells, even something like milk jugs could work! 

We also have many healthy recipes listed below for you to try at home!

Ready for a challenging 1000 rep workout? These are mostly exercises you can do at home if you have a pull-up bar, or even at a park with monkey bars. So now there is no excuses in saying you don't have time to go to the gym!!

Below I will list the order of the routine and which exercises that this routine consists of.

Directions:Complete each exercise before moving onto the next. There will be 10 exercises and you must do 100 reps for each of them.Try to keep rest times in-between exercises as short as possible!!

1. Push-ups: 100 reps

2. Pull-ups: 100 reps

3. Dips: 100 reps

4. Body Weight Squats: 100 reps

5. Burpees: 100 reps

6. Alternating Lunges: 100 reps (50 each leg)

7. Calf Raises: 100 reps

8. Jumping Jacks: 100 reps

9. Crunches: 100 reps

10. Ab wheel: 100 reps (If you do not have a wheel, do 10 sets of planks for 1 min each)

Supplements you may want to add into your regimen to preserve muscle, and help generate new growth, check out: Flight by Glaxon.

I also would look into products that can help boost your immune system and have your body operating at optimal levels. Check out the Immune Booster Collection.


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2 Responses


November 04, 2016

Very interesting to read/see what you are doing to gain and maintain the body you have!

Larry joe
Larry joe

October 06, 2016

Mines a lil differnt drop sets bench incline decline 600 reps plus shoulders 300 reps between bics and tris 100 plus easy . Over 1000 . And if i do back same day 300 easy am a beast in the gym

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