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May 17, 2019 3 min read

I am NOT a doctor nor am I affiliated with Myoblox, so please take my overview as you will as these are just my own thoughts and experiences with this product. With that being said, I hope you find this information useful.

So, what better supplement to take so close to summer than an excellent stimulant (no caffeine) thermogenic fat-burner. For quite some time now Rubix™has been the top selling product in that category in the store. The main difference between non-stim vs. stim fat-burners is pretty simple, one has stimulants and the other doesn't. Stimulants are the ingredients that give energy, increase heart rate, blood pressure etc. With it being non-stimulant you are able to take it with any other supplements you want as well as take it any time of the day!

So, what is in Rubix™ that makes it so popular? There is a total of four patented ingredients that really make it a special formula. These are Micracarn™, Capsimax®, Paradoxine® and GBBGO®, now let’s take a closer look at each of these ingredients and what they can do for you.

This is a trademarked ingredient from Myoblox, and it is a combination of L-carnitine and L-tartrate. It has been shown that in this form it absorbed into the system faster than regular L-carnitine. This ingredient will help with energy production from stored body fat, which will increase your metabolism. Studies have shown that an increase in nitric oxide levels will be evident in turn improving recovery rates from exercise. With Micracarn™ in in your system, studies have shown an increase in focus as well as mental drive. It is recommended to take 2-3 grams before exercise, in Rubix™ you will get 3 grams in a two-scoop serving.

Made up of capsaicinoids a natural extract from red hot chili peppers. Many studies have shown it helps with weight management as well as an increase in calories burned while in the system. There are many benefits to this ingredient such as appetite control, a boost in metabolism and increase in natural energy while exercising. Studies have also shown this extract will help increase the breaking down of stored body fat, as well as increase muscles mass. In a two-scoop serving of Rubix™ you will be getting 40mg and that is the average dosage in many of the studied done showing these benefits.

This is an extract from paradise seeds, very similar to ginger. Studies have shown
paradoxine converts stored body fat into essentially thermogenic fat, which means it will in the long run lower body fat. With 40mg in a two-scoop serving of Rubix™ you will notice fat loss and higher natural energy levels. Studies have shown paradoxine shows noticeable decreases in body fat while taking it during exercise.

Also known as Lean GBB and what this ingredient does, is it accelerates the production of L-carnitine in the body. Studies have shown when using Lean GBB users had an increase in energy from burning the fat stored in the body. With 35mg in a two-scoop serving of Rubix™ you will notice the effects right away. So, in turn Lean GBB is a stronger more concentrated form of carnitine, so if you’re a fan of L-carnitine you will love GBBGO®.


With summer right around the corner, Rubix may be a great addition to your supplement stack. It's stackable with pre-workouts, can be taken at anytime, and men or women can use it.

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