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June 03, 2019 4 min read

I am NOT a doctor nor am I affiliated with Core Nutritionals, so take my overview as you will, as these are just my own thoughts and experiences with this product. With that being said, I hope you find this information useful.

Many people are unaware of what glucose disposal agents (GDAs) do but people tend to love the results they get from the product. GDAs are going to do a couple things, such as increase carbohydrate uptake thus making carbs more useful and, in a way, using them to fuel the muscles more. GDAs have also been shown to increase muscle pumps while working out, overall strength gain by glycogen and it may effect body composition as well. GDAs are NOT magic pills allowing you to eat whatever you want and that food will turn into muscle, it does not work like that so please do your research before you take a product like this so you know what to expect and how to benefit the most from it.

I am currently taking Load from Core Nutritionals. This is a very popular GDA product and we will take a look at why that is. This is a vegan friendly supplement meaning they are veggie capsules and it is also gluten free, with both of these being available in one product almost everyone is able to take this. This product contains four important ingredients that make it one of the superior GDA supplements on the market today. These are, Green Coffee Extract (50% chlorogenic acid), GS4 PLUS (25% gymnemic acids), Berberis arisatata (97% berberine) and Banaba extract (20% corosolic acids). Let’s take a closer look at each of these ingredients and what you should expect to see from each.

Green Coffee Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acid)-

With this ingredient being in LOAD it makes it a very unique GDA. Green Coffee Extract (50% chlorogenic acid) is found in many fat burning supplements and with it being in LOAD it makes it that much more exciting. Studies have shown that for fat loss to be noticeable this must be taken at very high doses, it will also increase insulin sensitivity. With 1000mg of Green Coffee Extract in a 6-capsule serving of LOAD you will be getting the same dosage what was used in research where the participant lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks. The chlorogenic acid is at 1000mg as well in a 6-capsule serving, chlorogenic acid is found in all coffee beans and studies have shown that it is what makes the Green Coffee Extract work for weight loss. Studies have also shown that chlorogenic acid aids in preventing weight gain as well as prevents the storage of sugars as fats.

GS4 PLUSÒ (25% Gymnemic Acid)-

GS4 PlusÒ and Gymnemic acid is and extract from leaves Gymema sylvestre. In studies people have used Gymema sylvestre for weight loss and to control diabetes, with a healthy diet too of course. It has been shown that the substances inside Gymnema can lower the effects of sugar in the intestine, in turn preventing sugar to turn into stored body fat. In a 12-week study Gymnema has been shown to lower body weight and improve overall body composition. In a 6-capsule serving of LOAD you will be getting 750mg of Gymnema as well as 250mg of Gymnemic acid for a total of 1000mg which has been shown to have excellent results when taken the correct way. A fun side note in the Hindi culture this plant is known as the destroyer of sugar.

Berberis Aristata (97% Berberine)-

This is an extract form bark from a shrub, this is a very popular ingredient in dietary supplements with the benefits that follow it. This is a very important ingredient to this formula in my opinion. Berberine is very unique by supporting both the effects of the Green Coffee Extract and the GS4, allowing both of those to deliver what is expected from both. Studies have shown Berberine improves insulin sensitivity and increases glucose uptake both of which are benefits of the Green Coffee Extract. In a 12-week study it has been shown to reduce total fat mass in active individuals. The clinical dosage of this ingredient is around 700mg for standard benefits, but in LOAD you will be getting 774mg in a 6-capsule serving. So, with that being said not only is this a great ingredient as a stand-alone but paired with Green Coffee Extract and GS4 you will see amplified results.

Banaba extract (20% corosolic acids)-

This bark extract has been believed to treat diabetes throughout history. The Corosolic acid is at 20% of 125mg provided in a 6-capsule serving of LOAD. There have been studies showing at just 10mg of Corosolic acid lowered the total body fat by an average of 8 pounds. It has also been shown to reduce total fat mass and block fat abortion. Similar to Berberine it supports or strengthens many of the benefits that come along with the Green Coffee Extract and the GS4 Plus. Studies have also shown a lower in blood glucose levels, which is a great addition.


GDAs can be a good addition to anyone's supplement stack whether you are leaning out, or trying to add on size. It will put the nutrients you are intaking, especially carbs to work and make your body more efficient with them. Core Load is a great option if you are looking to try one out as Core always provides some of the highest quality products on the market today.

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