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May 12, 2019 2 min read

Chemix Cortibloc’s formula is relatively simple. Containing a high dose of Emodin, and then Bioperine to help with absorption.
Here are some benefits of Emodin:

• Anti-Diabetic/Anti-Obesity
• Anti-Inflammation
• Anti-Viral/Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Fungal
• Improved Digestion/Faster GI Transit Time (one place you can get Emodin from is cascara, a known anti-constipation agent)
How does Cortibloc work?

Cortisol is aglucocorticosteroid produced in your adrenal glands as a response to stress. Cortisol serves many other functions in the body, such as managing how your body utilizes carbs and fats, regulating blood pressure, blood glucose levels, sleep patterns and releasing fatty acids for energy during your “fight or flight” response.

Small amounts of cortisol can be very beneficial, however long-term elevated cortisol levels have been associated with weight/fat gain, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Cortisol isactually released as cortisone, an inactive form which much be converted into the active cortisol via the enzyme 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase.

There are 2 isoforms of this enzyme: type 1 and type 2. 11β-HSD1 is found in the liver, brain, gonads andadipocytes(fat cells) and type 2 is mostly found in your kidneys. You DO NOT want to inhibit type 2 as this can interfere with mineral absorption. However, type 1 inhibition can significantly lower cortisol levels by preventing its conversion from cortisone. By inhibiting 11β-HSD1 specifically in adipose tissue, it may be possible to improve glucose and lipid metabolism and induce fat loss. Several human studies have shown high expression of 11β-HSD1 in adipose tissue is positively correlated with obesity, and confirmed insulin resistance in animals.

Emodin has been shown to be a potent 11β-11HSD1 inhibitor as described above and has been shown to significantly reduce metabolic syndrome in mice. In a study involving genetically modified obese mice, treatment with emodin twice daily at 50mg/kg(human equivalent dose 3.96mg/kg) for 26 days showed a 44.5% decrease in 11B-HSD1 activity. Emodin also decreased fed and fasting blood glucose levels by 33% and 38%, respectively. Serum triglyceride levels were also reduced by 26%. As for weight loss, the emodin group’s food intake was reduced by 26% and after 20 days of treatment, body weight was down by 66% in the 50mg/kg group.

One major issue with Emodin, is the bioavailability. It rapidly undergoes a process called glucuronidation, which is the way your body makes molecules more water soluble to expel them. The good news is there was a study showing thatpiperine(black pepper extract) is a potent glucuronidation inhibitor and significantly improved the bioavailability of emodin. That is why it’s included in the Cortibloc formula.

Read The Studies On The Ingredients Below:

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