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Ryse Supps Loaded Plant Protein

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Now introducing the newest addition to the RYSE Naturals Series, Loaded Plant Protein. Packed with 20g of protein derived from Pea, Chick Pea, and Barley rice, Loaded Plant Protein provides a full range amino acid profile for enhanced recovery and muscle building. With additional digestive benefits from prebiotic fiber and natural energy support from goMCT®, Loaded Plant Protein goes above and beyond. The RYSE Natural Series also contains ZERO artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners without compromising on flavor!

Protein Sources
Loaded Plant Protein contains 20g of protein from Pea, Chick Pea, and Barley Rice Sources. This combination of protein sources allows for a complete amino acid profile similar to whey and for a better taste/texture combination than competitor plant proteins

Medium Chain Triglycerides (as goMCT®)
With the inclusion on goMCT®, RYSE Plant Protein provides a clean source of energy for the brain and body

Prebiotic Fiber
To further increase gut health and digestion with RYSE Plant Protein, we’ve included Organic Agave Inulin

Natural Series
As part of the Naturals Series, RYSE Plant Protein contains zero artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners without compromising the RYSE standard for experience

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