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Phat Lab Phame Energy

Phat Lab Phame Energy

  • ⚡Not Your Normal Energy Powder! Phame Is The Only 100% Sugar-free Carbonated Energy Mix That Makes A Bold Statement Wherever You Go - Whether It's The Gym, Class, Or Even A Social Event. Please note that the powder does create fizziness, and will dissolve. Once that is completed, you will have a crisp and lightly fizzy/carbonated drink! BEST SERVED CHILLED.
  • 🏆 Phame mixes instantly and comes with it's own carbonation - making it the perfect focus supplement & electrolyte powder to be used at any time of the day - whether it be as a hydration packet during a social event, going gorilla mode at the gym or before a major presentation.
  • ⏰ Phame works FAST! No More Waiting Around For Your Energy Pills Or Coffee To Finally Kick In! Phame Is A Focus Supplement That Provides All Day Cognitive Support From The Minute You Take It. Users Describe A Feeling Of Instant Focus & And Controlled, Non-Jittery Energy!
  • 🏆Touted As The Industry's Best "energy Booster" And "fat Burner For Men And Women" Every Single Serving Is Loaded With Creatine, Vitacholine, Green Tea, And Maca, Giving You The Most Premium Ingredients Needed To Boost Your Focus, Energy, And Metabolism

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