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Core Nutritionals MRP

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Getting enough calories in each day is essential in weight loss and muscle gain. Not consuming enough calories causes fat storage and potential muscle loss. Eating the right sources of food is also important. A lot of people have busy schedules or find it hard to eat enough meals throughout the day. Core MRP (meal replacement powder) allows you to get great sources and amounts of food. MRP is filled with great sources of slow digesting protein, low glycemic (slow digesting carbohydrates), and is low in fat. Get Core MRP today and never miss a great meal again!

Core MRP Features
  • Great sources of protein (including casein)
  • Low glycemic carbs
  • Quick and easy
  • Great taste and mixes easy
  • Excellent flavors!
  • Great value at $2-3 per serving!
  • Excellent fiber source (5-7gr)
  • No fillers or unwanted ingredients!
  • Includes added vitamins and minerals
  • THE BEST option for baking and cooking

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