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Alpha Lion Mass Shredder Stack

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Build. Grow. Recover. Repeat.

The Mass Shredder Stack is our #1 best selling stack for optimizing every phase of rapid full body transformation. Ideal for anyone looking to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

  • Helps Burn More Calories†
  • Helps Build More Muscle
  • Helps to Gain Strength & Hit New PR’s
  • Train harder & Never Crash
  • Use Carbs As Fat Loss Fuel

Most fat loss supplements cause you to lose muscle mass and deplete crucial electrolytes - making you feel lethargic and weak, and most muscle building supplements are unproven and ineffective.

The Mass Shredder stack optimizes every phase of rapid full body transformation so you can shred the fat while building muscle and getting stronger.


Reformulated for more mass, Superhuman Muscle is the holy grail for pure muscle growth. It’s loaded with research-backed, powerhouse ingredients with only one mission: to make people think you’re not natty! 


MitoBurn is one of the hottest new ingredients when it comes to fat loss due to its ability to mimic the effects of exercise, increase energy expenditure and improve carbohydrate tolerance. A stim free, and keto friendly ingredient that's helping more people decrease body fat and increase lean muscle.


Let's face it, when it comes to losing fat, the hardest part is sticking to a diet that does not let you enjoy the foods you love to eat. This is where GlucoVantage comes in. GluoVantage was created to help your body respond to carbohydrates and insulin better. This means you can enjoy carbs guilt free even on a diet, as GlucoVantage forces the carbs you eat to be stored in the muscle as glycogen and used as energy/fuel by the body instead of being stored as fat.


(for men only)

SuperHuman Test is a 100% natural test booster loaded with premium and patented ingredients designed to help increase free t-levels, boost libido and drive, and increase energy and mental clarity.

  • SuperHuman Pre-WorkoutTake 1 scoops 15-20 minutes before your workout or exercise. If a beginner to pre-workouts, start with 1/2 scoop to assess your tolerance.
  • SuperHuman MuscleTake 3 capsules with your SuperHuman Pre-Workout 15-20 minutes before exercise.
  • Gains Candy MitoBurnTake 2 capsules per day. For best results, take these with your SuperHuman Pre-Workout before exercise.
  • Gains Candy GlucoVantageTake 1 capsule, 30 minutes before your biggest meals containing carbohydrates up to 3 times per day. For cheat meal damage control that contains 100g+ of carbohydrates take 2 capsules 30 minutes before.
  • SuperHuman Test(for men only) Take 1 serving (3 capsules) per day with your morning or evening meal

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