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Alpha Lion Gains Candy Mitoburn

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MitoBurn™ L-β-aminoisobutyric acid (L-BAIBA) is an amino acid by-product of the branched-chain amino acid L-valine. BAIBA is one of myokines, affectionately known as “exercise factors”, which play a powerful role behind the benefits of regular exercise—increased glucose uptake, increased free fatty acid oxidation, and reduced fat mass.

BAIBA also instigates the “browning” of white adipose tissue, which increases energy expenditure, improves insulin sensitivity and helps regulate weight management.

  • May decrease body fat and increase lean muscle tissue
  • Shown in research to improve carbohydrate tolerance and improve insuliun sensitivity
  • Anti-Aging effects

L-BAIBA (β-aminoisobutyric acid) is an amino acid naturally found in both plants and animals and until now, L-BAIBA has not been available as a raw material ingredient due to the inability to keep it stable as a powder and procure in its most biologically active type L-BAIBA.


The effects of MitoBurn™ are based around metabolic changes in the liver and in fatty tissue. 

1. BAIBA converts white fat (the ugly fat) to a “hybrid” fat

It changes the characteristics of energy-storing white adipose tissue (the ugly kind) into energy-burning brown-like adipose tissue, resulting in greater fat-burning and ahealthier metabolism†.[1] 

2. Increased fat oxidation

Researchers have demonstrated supplemental BAIBA’s ability to increase fatty acid oxidation in the liver mitochondria.[2] This is incredibly important, because too much liver fat can lead to tremendous amounts of disease, and we postulate that the body will prioritize burning this fat before really attacking body fat storage en masse.

3. Increased ketone body generation

In line with the above study, it was discovered a year prior that ingestion of BAIBA led to increased levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate(BHB),[3] the primary ketone body generated when beta-oxidizing fat. This leads us to believe that β-aminoisobutyric acid is a ketogenic compound, and the aforementioned study discussed above (in the “increased fat oxidation” section) closed the loop on why these BHB levels were increased.In addition, BAIBA supplementation also led to statistically significant increases of acetoacetate, another ketone body.[3]

This means that with every serving of Gains Candy™ MitoBurn™, your body will be able tomelt stubborn fat cells for energy, and allow you to lose stubborn fat with much less effort.†

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