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1st Phorm GDA

Call/Text to order at: 440-417-3416 Hours: 10am-8pm Advanced Blood Sugar Stabilizer and Insulin Effect Amplifier
  • Decrease Fat Storage
  • Improve Muscle Recovery
  • Promote Carbs for Muscle Energy

Proper glucose disposal or optimization is one of the major keys to fat loss and athletic performance. 1st Phorm’s GDA has been formulated with full efficacious doses of the most potent ingredients available to help unlock your body’s ability to properly deal with elevated glucose levels.

1st Phorm’s Glucose Disposal Agent has the ability to increase your muscles’ sensitivity to insulin which will promote healthier blood sugar levels. Our GlycoBalance Blend, consisting of Banaba Leaf Extract R-ALA, Vanadyl Sulfate, Barberry Extract, and Cinnamon will harness the power of your natural insulin and shuttle more glucose into the muscle. By storing more glucose in the muscle you are decreasing the amount of glucose that can be converted and stored as fat. An increase in muscle glucose, also known as glycogen, translates to greater athletic performance. Improving your body’s sensitivity to insulin will not only load more glycogen into the muscle, but it also increases how efficiently you uptake other valuable nutrients that your muscle needs to repair and recover.

We have also included Gymnema Sylvestre Extract in 1st Phorm’s GDA. Gymnema works to slow down the absorption of carbs from the intestine to the blood stream. By slowing down how fast your body absorbs carbs, your body will have an easier time maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level will keep fat storage to a minimum and it will help keep your appetite and cravings under control.

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