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Training Chest

August 08, 2017 1 min read

Blew through this chest workout today which was powered by the preworkout Total War. The newest flavor Grape is awesome and if you buy any Redcon1 product right now - you get a limited edition Redcon1 shaker for free!

NutriFit Cleveland - Redcon1 Total War

Anyway let's get to this workout. Make sure you keep rest times to a minimum to keep the heart rate elevated!

Flat Bench Press(With Pause at the bottom)

Do sets of 2 and work up to a max weight. (I finished at 275)

Incline Bench Press

50 reps in total with decent weight (Shoot for 3 or 4 sets total)

Dumbbell Flat Bench

50 reps in total with decent wight (Shoot for 3 or 4 sets in total)

Triple Set

Dips (Weighted if Possible)

4 Sets of 12

Dumbbell Chest Flys

4 Sets of 12


4 Sets of 25

For recovery & growth I would definitely recommend supplementing with aprotein powder. Repairing those torn muscle fibers as quickly as possible is essential in muscle growth, and our protein powders will help you do that! Another option can beBCAAs which will help prevent muscle breakdown and keep you in an anabolic state.

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