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February 13, 2020 2 min read

I just wanted to show what my personal supplement stack has looked like for the last month or so. Pre-Workout and aminos aren't included because I always switch up what I use since I am testing out new products for the store or seeing if we may want to carry them at some point.

Right now my supplement stack consists of five products:

Alpha GainsIs a product that can help boost testosterone levels, lower estrogen and cortisol, and assist in helping your body build lean muscle. (Given the correct diet/training) I wanted to try this product out to see what it would do for me in a months time with a fairly strict diet. So far, it's helped me maintain a fairly lean physique while actually eating more than I should be.

Alpha Lion Cyborgis a full joint support formula that we don't carry yet at NutriFit, but will very soon. All I can say is WOW. So I typically have pretty low expectations for joint formulas, but I can honestly say my elbows, knees, shoulders etc have never felt better. My gym routine has been pretty consistent too so it's not like I'm taking it easy. Be on the look-out for this product to be available soon!

Core Nutritionals Loadis a GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent) This is actually my second time using this one. Some people don't utilize these products properly but I pair Core Load with my two highest carb meals of the day. I workout in the morning so I use it for lunch and dinner. With increasing my carb intake, while keeping a clean diet, Load has helped me utilize those carbs for greater energy throughout the day. If I do lift later in the day, I will use this roughly 1 hour before with about 40g carbs and have crazy pumps during that session.

Glaxon FlightIs a very complicated product to describe what it does or how it works. Read the full description Here Essentially this product can help with recovery/growth. I prefer to take this before bed, and have had excellent sleep patterns. Ive only been on this for 2 weeks or so.

Glaxon Plasm CapsSo this is a non-stim formula to help with blood flow, nitric oxide production, pumps etc. But, it's designed to be taken everyday. I think people forget what increased blood flow actually does, and why it's beneficial. When you have better blood flow, you have increased nutrient delivery. Increasing nutrient delivery means that your muscles will be getting the nutrients you are taking in much better! Better endurance, performance, recovery and so on. It's key in my opinion to building muscle! I think this product is the best capsulated "pump product" I've ever used.

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