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February 16, 2021 1 min read

Here is the newest FREE workout we offer here at Nutrifit. This weeks workout is focused on Legs featuring one of the Street Cur members, Elena Logan. Workout was started with some mild stretching and foam rolling, at the end of the workout she did abs and 15 minutes of high intensity cardio.

Here is each workout preformed in the video,

-Seated leg extensions 3x10

-Reverse hyper 3x10

-Safety bar squats 3x10

-box step ups 3x10

-Barbell deadlift 3x10

-Laying leg curl 3x10

-Dumbbell lateral lung 3x10

-Dumbbell goblet squat 3x10

Feel free to copy that list and give it a try on your next leg day!

Here is a link to the 100+ Free workouts that we offer go check them out!

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