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October 12, 2021 1 min read

Core Nutritionals GUT: Support Your Gut with Pre-, Pro-, and Post-Biotics

This five-capsule beast brings us four incredible types of ingredients to get your GI tract back on track:

In five incredible capsules, Core GUT brings prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, and digestive enzymes to help improve your gut health and digestion!

  • Probiotics – Custom formulated non-proprietary blend of live organisms to provide the gut with beneficial bacterial support

  • Tributryin – This “postbiotic” provides the critical short-chain fatty acid butyrate, helping with proper digestive tract function and inflammatory response

  • Prebiotics – Using a prebiotic fiber, Core GUT provides the gut with the “raw materials” it needs to build a strong and healthy environment

  • Digestive enzymes – Added to ensure you can digest all types of food, ranging from fats to carbs to protein to milk sugars.

With these combined, this supplement and its three-pronged approach supports healthy gut bacteria and a strong gut lining, and this may lead to numerous downstream benefits that go beyond digestion, but even help with mood and immunity.

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