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October 19, 2021 1 min read

Energy drinks have been around for decades, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Especially in the fitness industry with all the new flavor options being put on the market with zero sugar allowing you to get the pick-up you are looking for and still staying on the course of your goals. One of the hottest energy drink on the market right now is Alani Nu Energy Drinks.

We started carrying Alani Nu Energy a couple months ago and all of the flavors have been flying off the shelves. We currently have 7 flavor options, Arctic White, Cosmic Stardust, Breezeberry, Mimosa, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Tropsicle, Watermelon Wave, and for limited time we have Cherry Shlush and Witch’s Brew. We will also have the two popular flavors, Electric Tie Dye Cherry Limeade and Trippy Hippie Pina Colada. In total we will have 11 flavor options of Alani Nu Energy Drinks but 4 of them are limited time so grab them while you can!!

So, what makes the Alani Nu Energy Drinks so popular? 

  •  All-natural boost of 200mg of caffeine
  • ZERO sugars
  • Only 10 calories per can
  • Added Biotin
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 for clean energy
  • Unique flavor options
  • Convenient Energy
  • 12oz cans instead of the bulky 16oz cans

If you are looking for something to aid in more performance aspects check out Alani Nu pre-workout. We currently have 8 flavor options for the pre-workout. Breezeberry, Galaxy Lemonade, Rainbow Candy, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Carnival Candy Grape, Mimosa, Aloha Pineapple, and Arctic White.

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