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June 14, 2021 2 min read

The newest product line here at Nutrifit is Unbound Supplements. We currently have all 6 of their products, Unload their stimulant preworkout, Unbent their non-stimulant preworkout, Unlock their stimulant fat burner, BYLD their natural muscle builder, Sauce their natural test booster, and SLYN their glucose disposal agent. Each product is formulated with unique ingredients offering new formulas to the supplement world.

 The product we are going to break down here is BYLD the natural muscle building supplement. There are countless muscle builders on the market today, many of them will affect your hormones while taking it, but BYLD is non-hormonal, so it does not require a post-cycle-therapy and it is safe for men and women. The makers of Unbound supplements claim BYLD is the strongest most effective natural muscle builder on the market today. While only containing 5 ingredients there is no other supplement formulated like it. The ingredients are Phosphatidic Acid, Epicatechin, Laxogenin, AstraGin, and Apigenin. Let’s take a closer look at each ingredient and see what they do.

 - Phosphatidic Acid: Studies have shown when supplementing phosphatidic acid it raises growth like effects to your DNA, allowing your muscles to grow. Another study found phosphatidic acid dosed at 750mg improved body composition during an 8-week period. BYLD contains 750mg of phosphatidic acid which is the dosage used in the study.

-Epicatechin:Epicatechin has been found to increase muscle mass and strength, improve blood flow and endurance, and many other health benefits. The suggest dose for Epicatechin is 150-200mg a day for optimal results in building muscle and increasing stamina. In a serving of BYLD Epicatechin is dosed at 270mg which is perfect if you’re looking to build lean muscle tissue and increase hypertrophy.

-Laxogenin:Laxogenin is a natural chemical found in plants. This ingredient is found in many natural muscle builders on the market.

-AstraGin: AstraGin will allow your body to absorb more nutrients while taking supplements. It has been shown to increase the absorption of amino acids, vitamin, proteins and other health ingredients. Dosed at 50mg per serving it will allow your body to absorb each ingredient in BYLD to your body’s fullest ability.

-Apigenin:Apigenin acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-amyloidogenic, and cognition-enhancing ingredient. Some studies have found a potential to prevent Alzheimer’s. The main reason it is found in build is the many health benefits that come with it, lowering your blood pressure allowing you to have better blood flow and more effect workouts.

 BYLD is a great option for people looking to step up their gains to the next level, without effecting their hormones. Each ingredient plays its own unique role in boosting nitric oxide in the body for better blood flow and mTor signaling which will increase your hypertrophy gains!

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