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December 16, 2021 2 min read

Hello! My name is Joseph Lucero and I am the owner of Harvesting Strength LLC! My business works hard to network with athletes who yearn to grow in their strength and performance! From powerlifters, strongmen, to even traditional athletes in various sports, I work to build individualistic programming to help these athletes improve their ability. I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, my master's degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and my national strength and conditioning certification (CSCS) through the NCSA. My programming is offered on a mobile platform as I provide exercise intervention through programming but also coaching through video and feedback. The more interactions that exist, the more performance can be enhanced! I have had the luxury of working with more than 50 athletes, getting a majority of them to compete in various competitions at the local, state, and national level. I have worked with athletes who have claimed local records, state records, national records and world records. I've work hard to master my craft in not just powerlifting and strongman, but all things that require strength. In addition to programming and coaching athletes, I also work hard to offer various resources through my social media, my youtube channel, and all the books I have published on amazon. I have currently written four books, three of which are on amazon. The content of these books has to do with strength training in many forms. Thanks for stopping by and check out the links below for more information:

Here is the Link to checkout Harvesting Strength's Youtube Channel

Here is the link to the Ebook Principles Of Programming

One of my athletes is actually a Nutrifit employee, Seth has been working with me since December 2020. If you have any questions from a client perspective feel free to ask Seth his number is 440-520-6585. 

Want to chat with me personally? Follow the link to the Harvesting Strength website or message me on Instagram!

Connect with us on Social Media:

Instagram: Harvesting Strength @j_lucero89 | @nutrifitcle | @seth.o.smith

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