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July 13, 2016 2 min read

Wednesday is my leg day, so I wanted to post about what I did at the gym this morning. I started off with fasted cardio for 25 minutes and then jumped into my workout. I love doing fasted cardio to get a sweat in, and to loosen up the muscles before I start throwing around weights!

I started with heavy back-squats and then did a circuit of 4 different exercises. You do 1 set of the first exercise and go through all four. Do the 4 exercise circuit for a total of 4 times.

***Make sure to only rest as long as it takes to change weight, or get a drink of water. If you do this correctly your heart-rate will always be elevated and you will get a crazy burn!***

So onto the exercises, sets, and reps:

Back Squat:

Depending on ability, 225lbs - 315lbs for 3 sets. Max reps each set.

Leg Circuit:

Leg Extensions:

4 total sets. Max reps for each set, increasing weight. (I did a total of 62 reps)

Leg Curls:

4 total sets. Max reps for each set, increasing weight. (I did a total of 69 reps)

Seated Calf Raises:

4 total sets. Max reps for each set, increasing weight. (I did a total of 114 reps)

Bench step-ups:

4 total sets. Max reps for each set, holding dumbbells & increasing weight (I did a total of 53 reps for each leg)

After this workout, you should barely be able to walk! My post-workout meal consisted of a protein smoothie by using PeScience Select Protein. I threw two scoops into a blender with a few other ingredients and it tasted great! Snickerdoodle Select Protein is amazing!!

You can check out all of our protein selections by clicking here!

As always feel free to reach out with any questions you may have for me regarding supplements or leave a comment as we are always grateful to help in anyway that we can!

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