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March 16, 2016 3 min read

My first product spotlight is Purus Labs Condense. I have to say, before starting NutriFit, I had little knowledge of Purus Labs and their products. Since trying them, I have grown to love them and consider them my "go-to" company now for my personal supplements. Purus Labs is the number one selling line at NutriFit and have had nothing but positive feedback from customers.

Now onto the review. Condense is a pre-workout powder that really worked well for me over the last six weeks or so. Below is an image of the product on our shelf.



As you can see, one scoop will give 40 servings per container which makes this product a great value. (You can get yours here: I have been using one scoop and it was effective for the entire container. Condense is a blend of various ingredients including Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g), Beta Alanine (2g), Nitratene (480mg) and Caffeine (200mg). I break them down into further detail below.

Betaine Anhydrous - Has been shown to increase overall athletic performance but there isn't a substantial amount of confirmed research to support this.

Beta Alanine - Some research shows that Beta-Alanine improves various forms of physical performance, especially during high-intensity work-outs and strength training. Beta-Alanine might also improve endurance and delay muscle soreness or fatigue. Side note: This ingredient can give a flushed or "tingly" feeling that some may even describe as itchy.

Nitratene - Nitrate has been shown to be relatively effective by reducing the amount of oxygen used during exercise which then increase endurance and the overall workload capacity.

Caffeine- Caffeine allows calories to be burned faster to create body heat and elevate energy. Studies show caffeine stimulates thermogenesis, which improves fat loss and workout performance. The stimulant also heightens focus, alertness, and brain function.

The ingredients in Condense are fairly common in pre-workouts and are safe to ingest with the the correct dosage which is stated on the bottle. Everyone's body reacts differently with certain ingredients but I experienced nothing but a clean and sustained energy. 200mg of caffeine for me personally is about perfect. Any more than that and I risk crashing, or any less and I will hardly notice a difference. Purus Labs also has left out creatine, dye, and DMAA which is a banned substance.


At NutriFit we carry Orange, Sangria Lemonade, and Pineapple. I have taken samples of all three and my favorite is Orange, followed by Sangria Lemonade and then Pineapple. You can't go wrong with any flavor as they all taste amazing. Condense mixes super easy and there is no grittiness or aftertaste that some pre-workouts have.

Results & Grade:

As stated before, Condense was effective for me during the entire container. I had a sustained energy through-out my workouts and didn't have any sort of crash. The pump was pretty consistent compared to a typical pre-workout but overall I give this product a 9/10especially considering the price point. This is one of the better products I have used recently and honestly the only way product will receive a 10/10 is if it is insanely good.

If you want to try Condense for a couple of days, stop by our store in the 5th Street Arcades and I will gladly hook you up with some samples. If anyone is looking to try a new product for their pre-workout, I highly recommend giving Purus Labs Condense a shot.

As always feel free to reach out with any questions or comments as I am always grateful to help in anyway that I can!

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