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VMI Sports Vasogen Ultra

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Potent Botanicals = Powerful Pumps

Vasogen® ULTRA is cutting-edge nitric oxide boosting vasodilator supplement using herbal ingredients to improve vasodilation and pumps!

Hawthorn Powder | VitaBerry® | Pine Bark Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins)

  • Stim Free Pumps
  • Intense Performance
  • Amplifies Power
  • Train Harder
  • Vascular Gains
  • Potent Botanical Extracts

Unlike most alleged vasodilator supplements, Vasogen® Ultra is NOT based on Arginine. Instead, our vasodilator uses clinically studied herbal compounds such as Hawthorn & VitaBerry®, which have REAL science behind them. The result? Increased strength, endurance and vein splitting PUMPS.

Vasogen® Ultra nitric oxide boosters powerful blend of herbal ingredients allow for immediate and long-lasting nitric oxide production for powerful pumps. It’s also stimulant FREE, making it the perfect option for late night workouts or when taking a break from stims!


Vasogen® Ultra nitric oxide booster helps to support your hard training, as you make every workout your strongest performance focused on building more endurance, stamina and powerful pumps. Stimulant, L-Arginine & Creatine Free.


Increased nitric oxide production and delivery translates to longer, more productive training sessions all adding up to MORE gains. Improved vasodilation supplies muscles with additional nutrients needed to sustain peak performance and power output during training.


Formulated with a powerful blend of herbal ingredients such as Hawthorn and VitaBerry®, for immediate and long-lasting nitric oxide production for powerful pumps.