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V1 Nutra V1X High Stim Pre-Workout

The hardest hitting pre-workout you have ever taken. 

Even just 1/2 a scoop will have you immediately dialed in to have an insane workout. 

  • The potent stimulant complex of 425mg total caffeine, Alpha-Yohimbine, Synepheine, Dynamine & TeaCrine will give you energy for hours. 
  • A whopping 4000mg dose of Beta Alanine will give you extended endurance along with Nitrosigine to help ingredient transportation and hyperhydration within the muscle cells. 
  • Crazy focus with L-Tyrosine, Huperzine A, and Alpha-GPC will have you dialed in the entire workout!

350mg of caffeine coming from Caffeine Anhydrous & 75mg coming from the delayed release Dicaffeine Malate. Caffeine is a key player in increasing energy and performance for activity.

250mg of TeaCrine®is a patented compound that delivers energy and activates dopamine receptors for improved motivation. Yet, it’s not a stimulant, and it provides energy without the jitters or crash. Whether you’re simply looking for a cleaner complement to caffeine, an enhancement to your pre-workout, or just need to regain that fire focus required to get through your busy life, TeaCrine®has arrived at just the right moment. It's not just energy we're talking about, either. TeaCrine®also provides that powerful motivation boost and sensory experience not found in most anti-stress formulas.

102mg of Synephrine is a very potent stimulant. It has also been shown to increase energy and appetite control. When it is stacked alongside caffeine it can lead to prolonged energy as well as improved cognitive capabilities.

50mg of Dynamine® is a natural energy supplement from Compound Solutions that may amplify feelings of energy, mood and focus by activating dopamine receptors and other key neurotransmitters, without raising heart rate or blood pressure.

2mg of Alpha yohimbine or Rauwolscine is a potent stimulant and lipotic agent. It has been shown to improve athletic performance, energy, boost fat burning, reduce appetite, & support sexual function.

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