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Raw Nutrition CBUM Thavage RTD

CBum’s Thavage RTD Pre-Workout – As loaded as they come!

Powder pre-workouts are still dominant, but let's face it: sometimes it's damn nice to grab a frosty premade RTD, hammer it back in the car on the way to the gym, and not have to worry about mixing (multiple) products, making a mess, clumpy powders, etc.

Inside, there's OVER 15 grams of active ingredients packed into a single 12 fluid ounce bottle. Suffice it to say, this is atypical for a premade liquid RTD product.

In terms of energy, it's perfectly matched to the powdered preworkout with 305 milligrams of total caffeine (260mg from caffeine anhydrous + 45mg yield from di-caffeine malate), so fans of Thavage Pre-workout Powder should expect the same energy level.

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