Myoblox Skywalk

Skywalk is the most ultra-premium focus powder on the market containing nine highly novel compounds each dosed in their most effective amounts to serve as the lifeblood of mental drive for the individual constantly on the grind. This formula works on many different aspects towards brain optimization, such as the synthesis of powerful neurotransmitters, neuro-protectant properties, which in turn fight against mental degeneration, and increase the efficiency of communications between the brain cells. Augment memory recall, laser focus, mental energy, stress reduction and levitate to a higher mind with the only focus super powder that is actually dosed effectively for results you can truly feel.

  • NO CRASH! †

POSSESSED AMBITIONS! REDRUM SERIES™ introduces the most infamous product of all time from the MyoBlox® brand. THE EVIL GENIUS SKYWALK! Handcrafted and hand numbered in limited quantities, this special Skywalk™ formula is composed with additional focus/energy compounds and infused with medium chain triglcyerides designed to bring your focus and motivation to another level. There is no such thing as too much ambition because with even all the drive in the world you’re still going to need gas for the trip. TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

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