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MTS Nutrition Drop Factor

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MTS Nutrition Drop Factor is not your average fat burning supplement you will find dosed with ineffective ingredients in a proprietary blend.

MTS Nutrition delivers powerful thermogenic results in a clinically dosed fat burning supplement. MTS Nutrition Drop Factor was formulated to tap into your fat burning hormones and transform your body into a fat burning machine around the clock.
Drop Factor will give you powerful results while boosting your metabolism, curbing your appetite, stimulating your fat burning machine and helping you target stubborn belly fat.

Each serving of Drop Factor contains the following powerful fat loss ingredients:
  • 250 mg of Caffeine
  • 5 mg of Vinpocetine
  • 3 mg of Yohimbe bark
  • 125 mg of Coleus Forskohlii
  • 5 mg of piperine
  • 50 mg of Theobromine
  • 45 mg of Synelean blend
  • 24 mg of HealthyOracBlend