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MAN Sports BrainBridge

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Clean-Burning Nootropic Brain Octane

BRAINBRIDGE is a powdered nootropic supplement that was created for high-level thinkers, gamers, students and entrepreneurs. Nootropics, by definition, are supplements or substances that improve brain function—things like memory, creativity, focus, and motivation. Backed by natural caffeine from green coffee beans, BRAINBRIDGE is the ultimate mood-boosting energy supplement. It can be taken anytime throughout the day to boost productivity, ambition, performance, and focus.

BRAINBRIDGE can also replace coffee, energy pills, energy drinks and shots. ZERO sugar, no jitters, no crash, just super smooth clean energy.

What makes BRAINBRIDGE Work?

  • Natural caffeine from Green Coffee Beans: The perfect base for an energy/nootropic supplement - 98% caffeine from a plant source provides super smooth energy without the jitters.*
  • Alpha GPC or Alpha Glyceryl Phosphyl Choline: A natural source of choline - Alpha GPC is a potent memory booster and has been shown to slow the rate of cognitive decline in addition to performance based benefits related to power output.
  • TeaCrine® (Pure Theacrine): Clinically researched and proven ingredient to provide energy, mental clarity, improved motivation and mood. It also does not increase heart rate or blood pressure, an ideal compound to pair with Natural Caffeine.
  • SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine: Scientific studies show SerinAid significantly helps maintain and improve mental performance, can improve mood and contributes to lowering both physical and psychological stress.


  • Enhances brain functions like memory, creativity, focus and motivation
  • Crystal clear, jitter free energy from plant-based natural caffeine source
  • Zero sugar, no artificial colors or dyes, replaced sugary energy drinks and shots
  • Lower price per serving than leading energy drinks and coffees