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Glaxon Protos Whey Protein

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Glaxon Protos Humanized Whey Protein Can Help With:

  • Muscle Recovery & Repair
  • Increasing Lean Muscle Tissue
  • Increasing Protein Synthesis
  • Increasing Protein Intake


PROTOS WHEY is a superior blend of whey protein isolate 90%, micellar casein and PeptoPro® hydrolyzed casein. Protos is formulated to deliver a precise 70:30 ratio of fast digesting whey protein to slower digesting casein proteins. PROTOS WHEY also utilizes CARE4U® 2'FL  prebiotics that mimic those found in human milk, and ProHydrolase® digestive enzymes for better protein breakdown. Finally a full serving of Velositol® was included to enhance muscle protein synthesis (MPS). The end result is a delicious protein shake that’s bio-inspired to be the most humanized “milk” on the market!


If you’re trying to increase lean muscle tissue, and want to do it more efficiently than is possible with other proteins - you should try Protos Whey.  Protos Whey is naturally low in carbs and fats while providing a substantial amount of protein from various sources.  If you’re looking to get the most out of your anabolic window by taking a blend of different protein sources, Protos Whey consists of 5 different types of protein that have varying absorption rates, and is further potentiated by the inclusion of Velositol®.   


When the body ingests protein, it’s typically broken down into peptides and amino acids.  Protos Whey facilitates this natural process with the inclusion of ProHydrolase® digestive enzymes.  Once these peptides and amino acids are absorbed into the bloodstream, they are then delivered to muscle tissues through systemic circulation - where they are then reassembled into skeletal muscle proteins that repair damaged muscle tissue.

Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, Amylopectin Chromium Complex (as Velositol®), Sunflower Lecithin, Non-Fat Dry Whole Milk,  Natural & Artificial Flavors, Milk Fat Globule Membrane (as NeoShieldTM),  Human Milk Oligosaccharides, Maltodextrin, Casein Hydrolysate, Protease Enzyme Blend 87,500 HUT (as ProHydrolase®), Inulin, Salt, Sucralose, Xanthan Gum, Acesulfame Potassium, Calcium Silicate. 

Velositol® - A combination of trivalent chromium and low-glycaemic amylopectin starch, clinically shown to improve amino acid absorption and utilization of amino acids by muscle tissue.

PeptoPro® - A form of hydrolyzed casein protein that can be rapidly absorbed due to the small size of the hydrolysates being 2-3 amino acids long.

ProHydrolase® - A proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzyme blend, clinically shown to boost amino acid availability.

NutriPro™ - A novel complex of protein and fats that has been clinically shown to support cognitive, immune, and cardiovascular health.

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