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Glaxon Growth & Recovery Stack

Glaxon Anomaly Can Help:

  • Increase Muscle Tissue
  • Increase Muscle Recovery Rate
  • Increase Muscular Endurance
  • Inhibit Muscle Loss While In A Caloric Deficit


Anomaly is a next generation anabolic/anti-catabolic featuring two new ingredients: PeptiStrong™ a unique peptide network from Fava Bean Hydrolysate that was originally discovered by artificial intelligence and GG Gold® an extract of Annatto standardized for a compound called geranylgeraniol.*  Both of these compounds have STRONG anti-catabolic activity that is also well complimented by their novel ability to increase muscle tissue and differentiation by targeting muscle-specific genes.*


If you train with high intensity, over train, are in a cut or weight loss phase, experience muscle atrophy, or simply want to retain muscle size and strength Anomaly is a great fit. Anomaly’s unique ability to help users retain quality muscle tissue while in a caloric deficit or undergoing extremely demanding training sessions makes this product stand out uniquely as it reinvigorates the category of non-hormonal anabolics and anti-catabolics with a novel approach using DSHEA compliant ingredients. 


In a caloric deficit or during intense training, the body runs out of carbohydrate and fat stores for energy, frequently what occurs is that muscle proteins will be broken down by endogenous enzymes through a process known as ubiquitination.  This can be a problem for people who are maintaining or are attempting to build a more muscular physique, as that requires more protein and caloric intake in order to sustain the tissue mass that they have without it breaking down.  The combination of PeptiStrong™ and GG Gold® work together to both inhibit muscle loss, via the FBXO32 gene family that includes many enzymes that control protein breakdown, while also stimulating major muscle growth proteins such as the myosin heavy chain, Myogenin itself, mTOR, MYF5, and the ribosomal subunit S6.  Anomaly is a first-of-its-kind product that promotes muscle growth through fundamental cell signaling in a non-hormonal way that completely avoids the androgenic pathways - making it a suitable product for both men AND women.

PeptiStrong™- A biologically active network of peptides discovered by artificial intelligence in the common Fava bean.  PeptiStrong™ has been shown to support overall muscle health by downregulating atrophy genes like Atrogin-1, and upregulating anabolic mechanisms like the ribosomal subunit S6K1.

GG-Gold® - This compound comes from the Annatto plant and also has downregulatory activity on Atrogin-1, as well as having several other key beneficial effects on overall health & wellness.

Take 6 capsules daily.  This can be broken up into two 3 capsule doses that are best taken post-workout and/or before bed.  Just make sure to take these on an empty stomach, and allow for the 60-minute gastric transit time prior to activation.  REMEMBER: Just keep your dosing protocol consistent!

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