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Core Nutritionals Natural Builder Stack

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Core Nutritionals Natural Muscle Building Stack

What's included?

Lean dry gains to support natural testosterone levels, lower cortisol and estrogen.


We’ve scoured the literature, alpha and beta tested more formulas than you can count, and eventually created a formula packed with actually effective ingredients targeting multiple pathways of healthy testosterone support. Calcium DAA, one of the best known support supplements on the market, backed by clinical research in humans. KSM66, an ingredient with a long history of use in traditional medicine now backed by an unimpeachable record of cortisol reduction, healthy testosterone support, and hormone optimization. We could’ve given you KSM66 and left it at that – the ingredient is that good. But we didn’t. We included Bulbine natalensis, Tongkat Ali, and a potent estrogen modulator in Pine extract to cap off the savagery. This is the best, most comprehensive, multi-pathway testostone support product on the market.


Improve the appearance of your physique and take your training performance to the next level with Core Hard. Everyone wants to look the best at any given moment, whether cutting weight or putting on muscle. Core Hard will improve hormone levels and stimulate fat loss naturally.

  • Reduce cortisol by 27% (Stress hormone released by the body)
  • Increase endurance, stamina, and overall training performance
  • Supports mood and well-being
  • Stimulates natural testosterone production
  • Increased blood flow
  • Reduced muscle loss for energy (catabolism)
  • Improved muscle protein synthesis
  • More fat used for energy
  • Reduce estrogen levels
  • Clinically dosed and completely natural!


Core Bolic combines Laxogenin with a clinic dose of Peak O2. What you can expect from this product:

  • Workout duration
  • Time to exhaustion
  • Maximum power output
  • Peak strength
  • Anaerobic peak power
  • Oxygen utilization during exercise
  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Increase lean mass

Laxogenin:While no natural compound will deliver the same effects as PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), and it’s irresponsible to suggest otherwise, Laxogenin does, in fact, seem to operate through the same mechanism of action that makes these compounds so effective – the so-called PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. This pathway directly regulates a process known as “protein turnover,” the ratio between protein synthesis (where your body “builds” muscle tissue) and protein degradation (where your body “destroys” muscle tissue to feed other physiologic processes). In situations where protein synthesis exceeds degradation, your body is in a state of ‘net positive protein turnover,’ commonly known as “anabolism.” While the data is still emerging, Laxogenin appears to induce this very state by significantly enhancing protein synthesis through the very same PI3K/Akt pathway. These trials show Laxogenin simultaneously reducing protein degradation, perhaps inducing muscle into a state of net positive protein turnover.

Combined with the patented ingredientPeak O2, clinically demonstrated to increase power output, endurance, and other metrics of exercise performance, BOLIC is a fully natural but fully effective performance supplement. It not only increases exercise performance, but makes the underlying response to exercise more efficient – ensuring that your hardwork is paying off!