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Core Culture ISO Protein

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Core Culture® ISO PROTEIN is a superior quality whey protein isolate supplement designed to provide optimal amounts of essential amino acids like BCAAs to anyone who lives an active and or physically demanding lifestyle. Whether it is the morning smoothie, post-workout shake, or an ingredient for the next hyped healthy dessert recipe - ISO Protein has you covered with its naturally flavored and naturally sweetened low-calorie formula.

Recovery, Energy, and Overall Wellness The body is comprised mostly of water, fats, and proteins, with a large amount of carbohydrates going towards energy and some GI tract maintenance. Protein is the essential metabolic catalyst, from brainpower to muscle recovery, to balancing glycemic responses from meals. ISO PROTEIN is produced to yield a high level of essential amino acids, which are the most sought after and used by the body in any active or physically demanding lifestyle.

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