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Chemix Lifestyle King of Pumps

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Chemix King of Pumps 


Chemix Lifestyle King of Pumps is the ultimate non-stim, nitric oxide boosting preworkout formula. It’s packed with 7ingredients, 4 of which are branded and all of which increase NO production via different mechanisms.Every ingredient used is at the clinical dose for maximum performance benefit. This article will detail each ingredient and its mechanism of action for increasing vasodilation, giving you a crazy pump during your workout.

Endo-Pump - Guerrilla Chemist will break down thisingredient soon.

L-Citrulline:Converts into L-Arginine in the kidneys which makes it more effective than L-Arginine. Improves endurance and reduces fatigue.

Multiple studies show that taking the same dose of citrulline vs arginine, citrulline increases plasma arginine and NO levels higher than arginine dose. The clinical studied dose was 8g of citrulline malate, which is the equivalent of 5.6g of pure citrulline. This formula includes 6g of pure L-citrulline.

Betaine Anhydrous: Also known astrimethylglycineor "TMG", is a compound derived from the amino acidcholine.

  • Improved muscle endurance, strength, power, and force
  • Increased natural production of human growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) production
  • Enhanced muscle oxygen consumption
  • Moderate increases in total repetitions and volume load in compound exercises

Betaine is known as an osmolyte, meaning in can increase the flow of water into your cells. This can induce cell swelling, which not only increases performance and prevents dehydration, but also results in a nasty pump. In large doses, this can have a dramatic effect on performance and pumps. Studies show that a decrease in as little as 2% hydration can affect performance negatively by up to 20%. The clinical dose of betaine is 5g, which is the amount included in this formula.


GlycerPump™(min 65% glycerol): GlycerPump™ has become one of my favorite preworkout ingredients. It is a powdered form of glycerol, an osmolyte like betaine only much more powerful. Glycerol can hydrogen bond(attract) with water in very large quantities. Once it bonds with all these water molecules, it can drive them into your cells, blood and tissues, creating a massive cell swelling effect. This excess water can last up to 4hr before your body breaks down glycerol and you expel the excess water. One study showed that ingesting glycerol before exercise increased time to exhaustion by 28%. Glycerol is the perfect preworkout ingredient to get crazy pumps that last during your entire workout.

Vasodrive-AP:Derived from casein through fermentation and enzyme technology. It utilizes two tripeptides that have been shown to inhibit ACE - the enzyme that causes blood vessels to constrict.

VasoDrive-AP™: VasoDrive-AP™ is a newer ingredient to hit the market and is a very unique one. It’s a vasodilator, but it works differently from any other pump ingredient out. VasoDrive-AP™ consists of 2 lactotripeptides: Valyl-prolyl-proline and Isoluecyl-prolyl-proline. These 2 molecules act as inhibitors of the enzyme angiotensin converting enzyme(ACE), an enzyme that causes vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure and heart function. There are 30 studies on these lactotripeptides and their effect on vasodilation, blood flow, and decreased blood pressure. One study showed that ACE can dramatically inhibit physical performance, presumably from lack of blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Data also suggests that VasoDrive-AP™ works better the longer you take it.

S7:This revolutionary, clinically-researched blend of seven plant-based ingredients has been clinically shown to boost nitric oxide (NO) levels in humans by an impressive 230% over baseline.

Intake of nitrates and dietary nitrates has been heavily marketed as the best way to increase NO in the body. FutureCeuticals' S7™ research, however, proposes a better and more powerful way to increase NO production in our bodies. Supplementation with exogenous nitrates (e.g. beets, leafy greens, sodium nitrate) may have some value but does not show the remarkable increase in NO our bodies can produce internally with S7™ supplementation.

S7™ is different. It is NOT an ingested nitrate product. Rather, S7™ triggers the best kind of NO production – your body's own nitric oxide. Many well-known NO ingredients have large serving sizes, but S7™ delivers documented results with only one 50mg dose.

Gymnema Sylvestre:Gymnema Sylvestre(std to 75% gymnemic acids): Gymnema sylvestre is a common ingredient in glucose disposal supplements because of its powerful mechanism to shuttle carbs to your muscles. But, shuttling carbs into your muscles can also create a massive pump, which is why I included it in the formula. Gynmemic acids increase the release of insulin from your pancreas. Insulin, the most anabolic hormone in the body, then drives whatever carbs you have in your system into your muscles to create glycogen. It also increases regeneration of pancreatic islet cells to enhanced enzyme mediated uptake of glucose. This can have a major pump effect on your muscles, not just from the carbs but the water carbs bring with them. Gymnema also has a strong antioxidant effect, which compliments well with S7™. The dose of gymnema is 250mg, with 75% gymnemic acids. The pump will be greatly intensified if carbs are consumed pre workout.

Endo-Pump™: Endo-Pump™ is an ingredient blend that I actually designed myself. It’s a blend of 3 different natural plant extracts in a specific ratio that includes polyphenols and nitrates to increase blood flow and blood vessel diameter. Each ingredient has plenty of human studies backing up that they do, in fact increase vasodilation all via different mechanisms of action. One ingredient works via the eNOS pathway, like arginine and citrulline. Another works on endothelial relaxation, which increases blood, oxygen and nutrient flow and blood vessel diameter. The last ingredient works as a phosphodiesterase 5(PDE5) inhibitor which increases the production of NO naturally by increasing cGMP which causes vasodilation. Prescription PDE5 inhibitors are commonly used for erectile dysfunction because of this mechanism. Together in the right ratio, Endo-Pump™ maximizes vasodilation and NO production to give you the ultimate pump in the gym.

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    Reviewed by Anthony
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    Great pump

    GC fan this pump formula works gets my veins poppin before i pick up the weights

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    Def lives upto the name!

    I have tried multiple pump products, this one is definitely one my favourites to go to. I did arms with it first workout, after one set of exercise, my arms were pumped. Highly recommend

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