Black Magic Supply BZRK Voodoo

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Black Magic Supply BZRK™ comes loaded with over 16 grams of powerful actives per dose providing muscle primers, powerful stimulants and pump inducing technology to deliver maximum effectiveness for each and every training session. BZRK™ is fueled by quality and designed by top formulation engineers to deliver where other pre-workout formulas fall short. This one of a kind pre-workout is for anybody wanting to bring their workouts to a more hardcore side.

Go BZRK™ Come Alive! Available in a limited edition flavor Voodoo Punch.

  • Incredible Strength Increase
  • Explosive Energy & Focus: 400mg caffeine, 1g of Tyrosine and Choline
  • Massive Pumps inlcuding 10g of Citrulline Malate and 500mg of NitroRocket