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BioTech Nutra Natty God

Want to remain all natural but still make maximal  gains?


     Then Natty God is the answer! Natty God is a high dosed blend of herbal extracts and branded ingredients that will literally force your muscles to grow.
Bold claim, we know, but Natty God backs it up!

That is because Natty God is not just a natural test booster.

Will Natty God still boost your test? of course! But it will do much more than that.
The fact is that boosting natural test levels alone will only do so much toward increasing size, strength, and performance in the gym, and that's because a natural test booster will never be able to elevate your testosterone levels to the supra-physiological levels you'd get from taking exogenous, or outside hormones.

Instead of relying on simply boosting natural test levels, Natty God uses 3 primary pathways to create the ideal natural environment to prime you for the best gains of your life. 

These three natural anabolic pathways are:


  1. Natural testosterone/ hormone optimization

  2. increased protein synthesis 

  3. skeletal muscle inflammatory response 


In order to activate these 3 natural, synergistic pathways, Natty God relies on 4 primary compounds.