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Alpha Lion SuperHuman Armor

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  • Supports HealthyImmune Cell Activity*
  • Supports Normal & BalancedImmune Response*
  • Once A DayImmune System Support*
  • Powerful Vitamin C Antioxidant Assistance*
  • Powered by EpiCor® Multi-TieredImmune Fortification*

SuperHuman Armor's dynamic formula is spearheaded by a clinical 500 mg dose of the almighty EpiCor®...

A revolutionary "whole food fermentate" ingredient that's earned the nickname "the ultimate multi-vitamin for your immune system"...

Thanks to the extensive research and 8 published human clinical studies proving its amazing immune system benefits...

Meet the first scientifically validated blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs for immune system protection.*

  • 25+ natural extracts + concentrates
  • Inhibits free radical production*
  • Stimulates antioxidant activity*
  • Optimizes cellular metabolic activity*
  • Increases nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body by 64%