Alpha Lion Lions Blood

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Product Highlights:

  • Rapid Lean Muscle Gains†
  • Increase Strength & Power†
  • Supercharge Recovery†
  • Accelerate Shredding†
  • Boost Overall Performance†

LIONS BLOOD works by boosting muscle protein synthesis, and lowering myostatin, giving you SuperHuman Muscle gains, regardless of genetics!

LIONS BLOOD combines maximum doses of the most powerful all natural muscle builders: Laxogenin, and Epicatechin.

Epicatechin: This incredible micronutrient has been shown to lower myostatin levels (which increases potential for muscle growth with training), boost follistatin (increases muscle), and promotes fat loss.

The reason epicatechin helps you build muscle is simple: lower levels of myostatin = faster gains.

Laxosterone: Directly increases protein synthesis whilst decreasing muscle protein breakdown. Laxo has also been shown to decrease cortisol levels, which enhances muscle recovery and growth.