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Glaxon Supershrooms V2

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Glaxon Supershrooms is a product designed to support a healthy immune system by providing beta-glucans that activate the complement pathways that facilitate the phagocytic activity of white blood cells.  Supershrooms™ has a complete blend of 7 different mushroom strains that are 100% organically grown in the United States that are a combination of the fruiting body (the above-ground portion of the fungus), and the mycelium (the fungal root systems that exist below ground).  Now included in Supershrooms™ V2 is MitoPrime™ Ergothioneine, an antioxidant compound that is natively found in several mushroom species.


Typically, mushroom blend supplements, like Supershrooms™, are utilized for a variety of reasons - some applications are for supporting a healthy immune system whereas other applications can be found for performance and recovery.


Supershrooms™ and the mushrooms contained within it have a variety of effects.  Some compounds and their mechanisms are specific to each mushroom species, however, perhaps the most compelling compounds are the beta-glucans.  Beta-glucans are particular types of polysaccharides that typically reside within the fungal cell walls, but when they are ingested, they activate the complement pathway of the immune system.  Activation of the complement pathway results in better recognition and phagocytosis of foreign pathogens but can also assist in the body’s recognition of damaged cells.  Additionally, MitoPrime™ Ergothioneine helps fight off free radicals and supports mitochondrial health.


Supershrooms™ can be taken up to 4 capsules daily, but our recommendation is at least one-two capsule serving.  Actual dosing time isn’t particularly important, but what is important is consistency with dosing - so we recommend that you take this product at the same time of day every day that you take it.

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