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Glaxon Flight Regenerate

Glaxon Flight is an ultimate recovery formula that utilizes peptide and stem cell-based technologies.  By incorporating freeze-dried organ extracts and colostrum, Flight helps facilitate muscle repair by providing bioactive peptides from these tissues.  Additionally, we provide a blend of different types of algae, and a new extract of Sea Buckthorn that has been clinically shown to increase stem cell output.


Maybe your testosterone levels are at their peak.  You’ve got every other aspect covered in your anabolic arsenal, but you’re missing that one extra “X-factor” that can really take your gains to a new level.  Flight works on several pathways that facilitate muscle growth by delivering various peptides found in placental tissues that generate new tissue. 


Flight works by delivering bioactive peptides to the small intestine via DRcaps®.  Targeted delivery of peptides is of utmost importance - mostly because if they were in any other kind of capsule - they would get completely destroyed in the stomach.  With DRcaps® delivery, Flight is able to deploy these peptides straight to the small intestine where they can be absorbed. Additionally, we use a combination of marine algae to increase the activity of stem cells that are secreted into circulation to further promote the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Flight is best taken 3 capsules per day either post-workout to work in conjunction with a post workout protein, or 3 capsules before bed to promote growth and regeneration while sleeping.


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