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Morphogen Nutrition Hexagen

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Morphogen Nutrition Hexagen carbohydrate and intra workout formula for energy, endurance and peformance.

Cluster Dextrin® 

  • Cluster Dextrin® is a low glycemic, highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD), which has a high molecular weight and ultra-low osmolality.
  • Highly soluble and promotes fast gastric emptying, virtually eliminating any gastric distress often associated with traditional carbohydrate powders or sports drinks.
  • Maintains a slow release that delivers smooth, constant energy and replenishes muscle glycogen stores without spiking blood sugar levels.
  • Improves time to exhaustion by 70%.
  • Reduces stress response to exercise, increasing performance and enhancing recovery.
  • HEXAGEN contains 10,000mg Cluster Dextrin® per serving. 


  • Ribose (D-Ribose) is a simple, five-carbon sugar found naturally in the body that plays a role in the production of energy intermediates, DNA, and RNA.
  • Increases ATP production more than traditional supplemental carbohydrates, leading to increased performance and decreased fatigue.
  • Beneficial effects seen in cardiac tissue if consumed before, during and after exercise.
  • HEXAGEN contains 10,000mg D-Ribose per serving.


  • Dextrose (D-Glucose) is the simplest carbohydrate available, often called the “quick energy” fuel.
  • Requires no digestion and causes a rapid spike in insulin and blood glucose, assisting with nutrient uptake.
  • Small amounts of dextrose in combination with other carbohydrates during exercise can help keep prevent hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels.   
  • HEXAGEN contains 5,000mg Dextrose per serving.


  • Palatinose ® (Isomaltulose) is a functional carbohydrate with a unique combination of physiological properties, which distinguish it from sucrose and other traditional sugars.
  • Improves fat oxidation during physical activity.
  • Prolongs energy supply.
  • Low glycemic; less dips in blood sugar levels.
  • HEXAGEN contains 5,000mg Palatinose® per serving.

Ornithine HCL

  • A non-protein amino acid that is involved in the reduction of ammonia build-up during prolonged exercise.
  • Decreases fatigue and increases exercise performance, lean mass and power output.
  • Increases plasma L-Citrulline levels which increases Nitric Oxide (NO) and vasodilation.
  • Oral supplementation of Ornithine HCL is in the range of 2,000-6,000mg daily, however, higher doses may cause gastrointestinal distress.
  • HEXAGEN contains 2,000mg Ornithine HCL per serving.

Sodium + Potassium Citrate 

  • Sodium and potassium are crucial electrolytes lost during exercise.
  • Both play vital roles in fluid balance, energy production, and muscle contraction.
  • Citrate salts increase solubility and show increased performance benefits compared to other forms of electrolyte salts.
  • HEXAGEN provides nearly 4 times as much sodium and potassium as leading sports drinks, containing 1,500mg combined sodium and potassium citrate (providing 375mg sodium and 240mg potassium) per serving.

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